Show me the way to the next date bar

In a rare explosion of human contact which lasted about 3 minutes, I received this as an Easter present from a fellow inmate 🙂

Which created an opportunity for some philosophical inquiries. I do have a bit of time on my hands you know.

Did the Easter Bunny hear me saying please please, I need a bar? It’s been tooooo loooong!! Here you go daughter, you’ve been so good. And while I’m at it, have a date too.

Does anyone even remember what these words could mean in our previous life? Around 100 BC*? Will all the bars I see in the near future be small and yellow and easily fit in my pocket?

More importantly, are you getting any bars behind your respective bars?

*Before Corona

4 thoughts on “Show me the way to the next date bar

  1. Date bars look like Fig Newtons. I loved them while I was growing up in Boston. They’re much smaller, but the fig filling is inside a soft cake, just like date bars. I could eat a whole package at one sitting, and would, if my mother didn’t take it out of my hands!


    1. 🙂 What a lovely memory! Thanks for sharing. I’ll enjoy my bar much more now- I’m still keeping it in the fridge for now because it makes me think I have my own personal bar at hand:)


  2. Bars, no. But we have a delightful shop in the UK called Hotel Chocolat…limited range available over Easter for delivery (how we suffer in the first world…) but we managed – delicious!

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