Day 4, 5…who’s counting anymore?

The last few days have brought some interesting developments. As life is busy packing its bags and moving elsewhere, small commerce, human kindness, long queues, hawks, dark humour and exercise flourish.

We first burst out of our houses after days of imprisonment when bread trucks started delivering last Tuesday. Once out, we first blinked at each other in disbelief and awe. I was ecstatic to find that people do exist in flesh and blood and are not only my usual gallery of holograms. I started walking in circles, smiling at policemen, looking at the sky and pretending to look for a bread truck, in all probability looking like a deranged, dusty mass of ill fitting clothes. There must also have been an aura of urgency or hunger to my passionate walk because some people in gardens started calling out and offering food as I made my steady progress towards an invisible truck. I thanked them all profusely and assured everyone I’m actually quite well nourished .

At one point in my journey, I heard someone saying they were dying for a cigarette. Now a spiritual pillar I always abide by is immense solidarity for all fellow addicts so I interrupted my bread circles, went upstairs and got a packet. In exchange, I got an onion. Big fat onion, look:)

The day after my mad circles and onion trading, small shops opened. The queues were huge but the normality of being able to walk to them – priceless. Is that the Mastercard slogan? Vague memories from a previous life.

Anyway, while stumbling around drunk on my newly found freedom, I was stopped by this lady surrounded by her cats. People over 60 are not allowed out of their house. She said she was running out of cat food so my next expedition was Whiskers themed. Yay! Lunch boys and girls!

Day 3 of lock down, Day 1 of curfew

In keeping with my earlier conviction, day 1 of the curfew makes day 1 of the lock down seem like a walk in the park. Literally. Those were the days. Now there is no getting out of the house without a year’s imprisonment. Which has a nice irony to it, seeing as escaping imprisonment will now lead to actual imprisonment. People flocked to the shops today and bought everything. I bought things I have never eaten. I bought some things I have never actually seen. But then I never examined the canned meat section quite so closely. I also reckon one must try a frozen shawerma in one’s lifetime.