Where Flaubert meets melon votka and crows, much to my gratitude

I owe some gratitude to my virtual friend Tichris (https://tikichris.com/). He’s been publishing 5 good things every day for at least as long as I’ve been here (Five Good Things | #5GoodThings #5GoodThingsCovid19).

This means he has given me about 200 good things so far, which I have enjoyed reading. It also is a mighty number for someone like me who can see one good thing approximately every 42 days or so.

So here is my effort to honor my debt. My 5 good things:

a. Three Tales by Gustave Flaubert

b. A new votka, melon and tonic water cocktail which I (to my knowledge) authored (but may well be wrong. Not a cocktail drinker in normal circumstances. I find them a lot of fuss for not much gain but hey, isn’t that what life is about now anyway?)

c. An email from an old friend who mentioned the Netflix series Shtisel as a must watch. I’d already watched it and loved it. This also made me long to see friends but about that in a less grateful post later;)

d. I wanted to say long walks on empty streets but actually I don’t like that much:) So I’ll say long walks on streets I hope will be less empty soon.

e. This dignified rider on the sandstorm yesterday. It was very windy and there was sand everywhere- in the time it took me to send a text, my phone got covered in dust. I could taste sand in my mouth. And here she is, all dignity and poise.

5 thoughts on “Where Flaubert meets melon votka and crows, much to my gratitude

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! It’s awesome to know something I started for my own wellbeing reached someone else and that you turned it into your own opportunty to reflect about what’s good in your life. I’m honoured.

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    1. It was quite an effort for Doubting Thomas over here to believe there’s anything remotely good about this but thanks for challenging me to find it:)


  2. You’re welcome. It’s sometimes a real challenge for me too. What can come across as an off-the-cuff post often the result of a series of long lapses staring into space and wondering what’s the point.

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    1. 🙂 I very much recognize myself in that final bit. All the more reason for me to appreciate how you persevere and -rain or shine or stare into space- you always find those daily 5 things. Kudos.

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