Gat on a cold tin roof

This is a long weekend. Made longer by the fact that we are under complete curfew. No going out at all. Miss the potato run – that splendid and now unattainable trip to the grocer. Oh, crossing paths with other masked potato lovers.

To get over that barrel of melancholy, I decided to give myself a treat. Gin and tonic in a mug on a rainy roof!

Now the advantages of this approach are as follows:

a. It allows me to enjoy the rain and a breath of fresh air while also

b. Sheltering my drink from the sensibilities of potential non-drinking neighbours and

c. Making me feel very spoiled to be having a drink before my own alcohol curfew is usually lifted (at 6 pm – the sirens make time-keeping really easy these days)

So here is to all of you- cheers& stay safe!


11 thoughts on “Gat on a cold tin roof

  1. Cheers to you! In the UK there’s been a significant rise in alcohol purchases, in the US it’s ice cream. Essential supplies in a time of crisis


  2. I paused briefly, over GAT, thank you for quickly enlightening me on that one. I’m not a drinker of that particular drop, I’m more Red Wine, from the Barossa, for preference, if I’m drinking anything alcoholic. Coffee though is my usual preference. Boring? Maybe, but I hope not.


    1. Coffee boring??? Never! It is a vital, enchanting and very exciting liquid, which has been with me through think and thin, long may it continue to make my life better every day:)! Amen!

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      1. Yes, during the day, coffee is the drink that gets my creativity moving. I enjoy only two cups of coffee a day, because of the problems with falling asleep at night if I have too much. But a coffee and chat with creative friends is certainly I’m hoping will be possible again soon. Coffee at home has lead to much creative writing action, but being with friends would be even better.

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