What I miss

I don’t mean the obvious- my family, life as we know it, sanity, hope, human contact, hugs etc. Everyone everywhere is missing all that.

I mean small things I never realized were golden until I lost them. OK, I had a feeling they were pleasant at the time, yes, and I engaged enthusiastically, but never stopped to think wowsers, am I lucky or what.

Here goes my nostalgia top 3:

  1. Watching Premier League matches in a pub. There’s nothing quite like sipping a drink at the bar and shouting instructions to players who can’t hear them and even if they could, they wouldn’t give a toss, and for all the right reasons.

2. The smell of good coffee made by someone other than yourself on a working morning. You know that moment, the barista hands it to you and says ‘see you’ and you depart giddy with flavoured excitement.

3. Wearing a skirt (ok, I realize I can still wear a skirt so I guess I mean wearing a skirt and seeing any point to it).

Stellar. Much missed. RIP. Leave behind a loving follower.

9 thoughts on “What I miss

  1. I miss driving to the next township or up to Santiago, or down to Pontevedra, or a side trip to Vigo, or planning a trip down to Porto, or, or….

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  2. I miss doing my own grocery shopping. I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. We have amazing neighbors who offer to pick things up, and we’re not short on anything that truly matters, but I would love to get in there and do my own shopping. But my partner’s 80 and has asthma. I’m not what you’d call young. The small stores around here will take orders and hand them to you at the door, which limits the risk. A few will deliver. We are–most of us–getting through this. But, yeah, that’s what I miss most sharply right now.


    1. I can imagine 😦 It sounds very difficult- good that you have delivery options but I totally get how much you would like to get your own staff. For me, getting bread for the first time after 5 days locked up was the ultimate near life experience:) Keep safe and strong.


  3. Same with Ellen, doing my own shopping and not doing it online. I took it for granted that, that could be a thing that I would miss. Also having coffee and brunch on a Sunday morning.

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