Day 3 of lock down, Day 1 of curfew

In keeping with my earlier conviction, day 1 of the curfew makes day 1 of the lock down seem like a walk in the park. Literally. Those were the days. Now there is no getting out of the house without a year’s imprisonment. Which has a nice irony to it, seeing as escaping imprisonment will now lead to actual imprisonment. People flocked to the shops today and bought everything. I bought things I have never eaten. I bought some things I have never actually seen. But then I never examined the canned meat section quite so closely. I also reckon one must try a frozen shawerma in one’s lifetime.

13 thoughts on “Day 3 of lock down, Day 1 of curfew

  1. I’m also in Jordan. It’s as if the world has come to a standstill. I’m not worried though, I worry much more about other countries ans if they too will finally take the same precautions as Jordan (before the virus hits them hard like much of Europe). In the meantime, this is time for people to self-reflect and self-rejuvenate. I find myself reading a lot about science especially epidemiology. It’s taken me back to the good old days of science lessons at school – learning about cells and the immune system. I’ve also been watching this series on Netflix called ‘Pandemic’ – we owe a lot to all those brilliant scientists and doctors out there.

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    1. Definitely a good time for learning and reflection. And totally agree with your point on how seriously Jordan is taking it. I saw on TV hordes of Europeans basking in the sun in various places today and felt a very powerful mix of envy and compassion 😦


    1. Thanks a lot, you too:) Hope better times are coming. Thanks also for using my photo, I think people here would want others to know what it’s like and our experience might help someone somewhere.

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