What to do when there is nothing you can do

This is the first day of the lock down in Jordan. It’s raining and the streets are eerily empty. All shops, schools and offices are closed. I can hear a cat in heat. No other source of heat around. Hope she is enjoying the lock down and the sexual opportunities arising. Humans are definitely not. This lock down strikes right at the heart of Jordan’s culture: there’s no smoking shisha anymore, there’s no sharing food, there are no big, cheerful groups of young men in the streets, there are no old men playing cards and ultimately there are no people around other people. One lovely thing is that people leave bread in plastic bags for those less fortunate- possibly the only sign of human life in the streets now. I think the cat is done. She’s probably having a cigarette now.

2 thoughts on “What to do when there is nothing you can do

  1. I didn’t know Jordan was in a lockdown situation. I was supposed to be in Amman all this week building a Habitat for Humanity house. Good thing the trip was cancelled. I’m not sure where all of us would be able to stay. Please take care of yourself. We’re doing the same. And hoping that all this passes soon.


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